Do you struggle to stay on top of your diet in your everyday online business, entrepreneurship and life? 


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  • Fit healthy eating into your busy daily schedule
  • Drop the pounds and keep it off for good
  • Kill cravings for junk foods and sugar
  • Sustain energy to get stuff done!
  • Snack yourself healthy

Since working with Eva, my overall health condition improved: I can move faster, sleep better, I don’t get tired and the best part is: I like what I see in the mirror now. She made it easy for me, regularly followed up and I always felt comfortable to contact her with any questions.
Aldo Angeles
Owner of Whistler Angel Clean
Throughout the 6 weeks of working with Eva, my waistline was consistently shrinking, my sleep improved, and even my irritability & "hangriness” went away. She helped me to set up a system that works for my demanding job and schedule, and my wife jumped on board too! I didn’t expect that we will go this deep into my diet, lifestyle and daily habits, but I’m glad that I invested in myself.
Mara Holotina
Professional Chef, Whistler
Before doing a complete overhaul, with Eva as my guide, I thought my slowly deteriorating health had to do with age. But after implementing Eva's suggestions I re-discovered the energy and sense of well being I had many years ago. Nutrition is the culprit, not age...and nutrition is something we all have control of. Let Eva take you on that journey. You won't be sorry.
- Sharon Velisek, author of "I Survived A Stalker" and "20/20: Perfect Vision" (soon to be published)

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