Imagine Finally Losing Weight

and Keeping it Off, Yes!


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Ready to start eating healthy and lose weight?

Figuring out your diet plan is where the weight loss journey starts.

You’re finally serious about dropping extra pounds naturally and you know that it’s time to start eating healthy to lose weight so you can get the lasting results that you’re after. Most importantly, you understand that having some sort of weight loss meal plan (that you can stick with) is important for keeping it off, but you don’t know what diet or healthy eating advice to follow.

Perhaps, you’re feeling confused and frustrated about so much conflicting information about healthy eating & weight loss tips that you have no clue what to eat. High carb? Low fat? Keto? Paleo? Raw? You’re so lost! Maybe, you’ve tried to eat more fruits & veggies, cut back on junk foods, count your calories, or eat less & exercise more but you couldn’t stick with anything long term. Regardless, you’re committed to dialing in your diet so you can start slimming down and you need help coming up with a healthy weight loss meal plan that’s right for you. 

After all you’ve been dealing with this for so long and it’s so frustrating and demotivating to keep trying to make sense of all the dietary noise out there!

Imagine finally losing the weight & keeping it off, and having the confidence to stop hiding in loose clothing, wearing that swimming suit, growing that French beard to show your now noticeable jawline, walking into that room and owning it….. as a result of your consistent healthy eating efforts, yes!

That's exactly what I'm here for! I'm here to take you by the hand and explain to you precisely what to include in your healthy-weight-loss meal plan, how to stick to it, and what not to eat, so you're shredding it (and keeping it off) without dieting, depriving yourself, or living on a treadmill!
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Eva Hlavackova
Holistic Nutrition Professional & Healthy Eating Advisor


The Diet Rescue

I created The Diet Rescue to help you build a custom, sustainable, healthy weight loss meal plan so you can start losing weight naturally & keep it off without feeling deprived or miserable!

As a result of The Diet Rescue program, you'll:

  • Have two custom 7-day meal plans in your hand to start eating healthy and lose weight.
  • Find the easy-to-stick-with diet plan formula for losing weight naturally.
  • Discover the super-painless-tool for developing healthy eating habits.   
  • Receive a list of food recommendations for your custom meal plans.
  • Get a list of foods to avoid when trying to drop pounds and eat healthy.  
  • Learn how not to ruin your weight loss efforts when eating/dining out.

But more than just teaching you what makes a healthy-easy-to-stick-with diet plan, I want to help you create it, step-by-step, so you can set yourself up for healthy eating & weight loss success that lasts! 

The Diet Rescue includes:


Before we do anything, let’s first reveal your ongoing dietary choices, habits, and behaviors in this eye opening questionnaire so I can help you create an awesome, custom, healthy weight loss meal plan that takes your food preferences, dislikes & sensitivities into consideration.


It's time to get into the meat of the matter, yes! FIRSTLY, we'll review the questionnaire you completed prior to this session and we'll identify what works (and what doesn’t) so you know what red flags to look out for moving forward. NEXT, we'll work on setting up your first, 7-day meal plan so you can jump start your healthy eating & weight loss journey on the right foot. In addition, we’ll discuss the list of foods you need to focus on, including what you need to avoid so you’re crystal clear on your custom weight loss diet plan. FINALLY, you’ll learn how to use the super painless tool for developing healthy eating habits so you can keep it off long term, and I’ll also make sure that you know exactly how NOT to sabotage your weight loss success when dining out. AT LAST: no more confusion! No more frustration! No more barriers! We've got you steered in the right direction, just stay the course!


It’s time for you to learn how to set yourself up for healthy eating & weight loss success that lasts, yes! Here’s how it'll work. At the end of your 90-min session, I’ll give you clear instructions for creating another 7-day meal plan on your own so you’re feeling super prepared and confident in your ability to follow through with your healthy weight loss diet plan in the future. You’ll have about 2 weeks to work on it and I’ll help you make it perfect at your last session. You got it! At the end of The Diet Rescue program, you’ll have two (2) custom 7-day meal plans at your disposal to help you continue with your healthy eating & weight loss efforts, yes!


That's right, Eva will get super nosey about your dietary business once more to help you stay on the right track, yes! Here’s how it’ll work: we’ll reflect on your healthy eating and weight loss endeavours from the past two weeks so we can identify any areas for improvement. We’ll tweak and refine your two custom 7-day meal plans, the list with food recommendations, strategies for sticking with it etc. so your healthy weight loss diet plan continues to feel right for you. REMEMBER, I'm here to serve YOU. I'm like your dietary GPS, but in a human form. 🙂

Finally! The healthy weight loss meal plan you've been looking for!

Now, you’re crystal clear on what diet plan to follow to start losing weight naturally, what foods to eat (and avoid), and how to develop healthy eating habits that last. THE BEST PART? You have two custom 7-day meal plans in your hand, and you’re all set to to fly. Woo-hoo-yay!  

Just like that, you’re starting to slim down naturally without feeling deprived or miserable, and for the first time ever, you’re actually enjoying the weight loss process, yes!


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Just ask me 🙂

She helped me to organize my fridge & pantry and taught me how to confidently make healthy meal plans for myself.
I used to think that eating healthy was too hard until I decided to make a change and improve my diet and lifestyle. My initial goal was to lose weight, which I easily achieved with Eva’s guidance and food recommendations. She helped me to organize my fridge & pantry and taught me how to confidently make healthy meal plans for myself. Since working with Eva, my overall health condition improved: I can move faster, sleep better, I don’t get tired, and the best part is: I like what I see in the mirror now. She made it easy for me, regularly followed up and I always felt comfortable to contact her with any questions.
Aldo Angeles
Owner of Whistler Angel Clean
I had no idea how coaching works but I reached out to her to help me lose belly fat that I gained after an injury.
Throughout the 6 weeks of working with Eva, my waistline was consistently shrinking, my sleep improved, and to my surprise, my irritability & "hangriness” went away. I didn’t expect that we'll go this deep into my diet, lifestyle and daily habits, but I’m glad that I invested in myself. She helped me to set up a system that works for my demanding job and schedule, and my wife jumped on board too! I appreciated that Eva never pushed me into anything but rather guided me to make my own decisions, and helped me see options where I thought weren’t any. It felt really good to talk to her every week about my progress, and have someone who would answer my questions whenever I needed it. Eva is so easy to work with, but I warn you, she’s high energy and will keep you on your toes every step of the way!
Mara Holotina
Professional Chef, Whistler

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