A Holistic Nutrition Professional, who loooves getting right into your dietary business so you can lose weight naturally, keep it off, and have the confidence to stop hiding in loose clothing, get out there, own it, and be successful. Yes!

What is Epic Holistic?

Epic Holistic is the place where I work with people who’re finally serious about losing weight naturally, meaning, without calorie counting, dieting or living on a treadmill. They’re feeling confused and frustrated about so much conflicting information about healthy eating & weight loss tips that they have no clue what to eat. High carb? Low fat? Keto? Paleo? Raw? They’re so lost!

I take them by the hand and explain precisely what to include in their healthy-weight-loss meal plan, how to stick to it, and what not to eat, so they’re shredding it (and keeping it off) without feeling deprived or miserable!

Why Epic Holistic?

Epic Holistic stands for Epic Life Holistic Consulting.

The “Epic Life” part reflects my core belief of why we’re here: to enjoy the time we have on planet Earth to the fullest of our ability. 

The Holistic Consulting” part is about the approach that I take to help my clients drop the weight and keep it off, so they can stop “getting through their lives” and start showing up for it with fully topped up tanks: physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


I successfully completed the Natural Nutrition Diploma Program with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. As a result, I’m professionally trained to educate individuals or groups about the benefits and health impacts of optimal nutrition and guide them on their journey towards restoring & keeping balance on their food & beverage endeavours.  


I really resonated with the holistic approach to nutrition and how it considers and addresses the whole being: physically, mentally and spiritually. Moreover, I appreciate how it acknowledges that we all have our unique nutritional needs and how it encourages us to take responsibility for our own health through proactive prevention. All of these factors added up and helped me to make the choice to steer in the holistic direction rather than the conventional path.

As someone who grew up under communism, I really wanted to discover the World beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. So, after completing my 4-year studies at the Pedagogical College and working with pre-school children for a while, I decided to move to England to learn English. To sustain my living and studies in this foreign country, I worked for many families taking care of their children and keeping their houses clean and organized. Once I learned how to speak and write in English, I got more ambitious and landed an amazing job in Human Resources with the Hilton Group Ireland in Dublin. There, I climbed the corporate ladder for half a decade under a life changing mentor, learned heaps about the hospitality industry, human resources and training & development. Shortly after the recession hit Ireland, I decided to relocate to Canada where I worked in the Hospitality & Property Management field for almost a decade until I finally took the leap to pursue my passion and become a Holistic Nutrition Professional, yes!


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Eva Hlavackova is the founder of Epicholistic.com, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™, healthy eating advisor, self-care advocate, educator, lifelong learner, and YTT certified yoga teacher. Eva inherently understands that our ability to thrive in life and business goes hand in hand with our physical, mental and spiritual state of well-being. She believes that we have more important things to do than to worry about dieting, and she teaches her clients to integrate natural nutrition & holistic self-care practices into their busy lives. Before starting her consulting business, Eva enjoyed a rewarding career in human resources for the Hilton Group Ireland, followed by a decade of working within the property management and hospitality industry in Canada, BC. When not consulting online or offline, Eva enjoys playing in the water, fresh powder, and on the rock walls. And when not spending time in the outdoors, she enjoys reading paper books, listening to Metallica, harvesting her garden for an evening salad, and talking about life. Eva lives in Whistler, surrounded by pristine fresh water, green forests, clean air, and wildlife. She speaks with a Czech accent and likes to roll her “Rs” to amuse others or to confirm that she under-RRR-stands.

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