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A Holistic Nutrition Professional, self-care advocate, life-long learner and the founder of Epic Life Holistic Consulting – the place where I help fellow online business owners and Whistler residents to eat healthy consistently, lose weight naturally and self-care.

Holistic Nutrition Professional Helping

passionate entrepreneurs to eat healthy and self-care

What I Know About You:

  • You're deeply engaged in the pursuit of your business passions.
  • You love what you do and you work hard to produce results.
  • You work crazy hours, even when you feel unwell.
  • You take care of everything but yourself!
  • You know that you should eat better food, less junk, hydrate and exercise but.....
I know the struggles and challenges that come with taking care of your health and career! I’ve been doing it for what seems my whole professional life. The solution? Firstly, accept the truth that putting your self-care on the back burner prevents you from fully thriving in your life and business. Secondly, take small steps to switch to a healthy lifestyle.
Self Care Strategies for LIFE, Eva-Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Ask Yourself:

  • What will it cost me emotionally and financially if I keep neglecting my self-care?
  • What am I willing to do to ensure that I stay strong, fit and healthy?
  • What will I be able to accomplish with a healthy body and balanced mind?

Your wealth is exactly like your health. Your health doesn’t just happen: it's not something that takes care of itself as you go through life. You can't leave your health in someone else's hand, and the same goes for your wealth. They're both completely in your hands. No one else's.

David Bach, Author of The Latte Factor

What is Epic Holistic?

Epic Holistic is the place where I help passionate online business owners and entrepreneurs to thrive in life and business. As a holistic nutrition professional, I teach you how to eat healthy consistently and self-care in your day-to-day life, so that you have the resources to fuel your business and life endeavours. 

Holistic Nutrition Professional Helping Online Business Owners To Eat Healthy And Self-Care

Why Epic Holistic?

Epic Holistic stands for Epic Life Holistic Consulting.

The “Epic Life” part reflects my core belief of why we are here: to enjoy our time on this amazing planet and ultimately live a happy, EPIC life. The Holistic Consulting” part is about the approach that I personally follow and use in my consulting practice. As a holistic nutrition professional, I consider the big picture and not just the side effects that come with not putting your well-being first (ex. tiredness, irritability, sleeplessness, digestive issues, poor concentration etc.) These “challenges” are just by-products of what goes on in your body, head and inside your heart, on a more complex level. I peel off the layers and look for the hidden clues so that I can connect all the dots. With this picture at hand, I deliver custom strategies and action steps to help you reach your end goal. 


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Eva Hlavackova is the founder of Epicholistic.com, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™, healthy eating advisor, self-care advocate, educator, lifelong learner, and YTT certified yoga teacher. Eva inherently understands that our ability to thrive in life and business goes hand in hand with our physical, mental and spiritual state of well-being. She believes that we have more important things to do than to worry about dieting, and she works with business professionals to create and execute effective self-care & healthy eating systems for LIFE. Before starting her consulting business, Eva enjoyed a rewarding career in human resources for the Hilton Group Ireland, followed by a decade of working within the property management and hospitality industry in Canada, BC. When not consulting online or offline, Eva enjoys playing in the water, fresh powder, and on the rock walls. And when not spending time in the outdoors, she enjoys reading paper books, listening to Metallica, harvesting her garden for an evening salad, and talking about life. Eva lives in Whistler, surrounded by pristine fresh water, green forests, clean air, and wildlife. She speaks with a Czech accent and likes to roll her “Rs” to amuse others or to confirm that she under-RRR-stands.
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