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Ahoy, my adventurous soul! I’m Eva: your holistic nutritionist, real food advocate, and the owner of EPICHOLISTIC.COM

One of the most confusing answers

I get from people relates to this question: “What does it mean to eat healthy?” Honestly, people’s perceptions of “healthy” with regards to eating habits, food choices, and behaviors are incredibly inconsistent, which explains why so many folks struggle with this. If you’re one of those people, then I want you to know that I hear you, truly. You want to make positive and lasting changes in the way you feed yourself, but it’s hard when the nutrition-related claims and labels out there are so confusing and always changing, like the Irish weather! Can you relate? 

Interestingly enough,

my own answer to the same question has evolved over the years depending on what I was looking for and where I was at in my life. There was a season when my  diet was based on my goal to be really skinny, then very fit and muscly just like Cory Everson (oh boy!), until I went through a major overhaul of what’s important in life – an event that seems to happen to all of us, in one shape or another, caused by different triggers. In my case, it was the excruciating PMS that I developed as a result of taking the pill for a long decade (a very reckless choice!). Eventually, the painful side effects made me to look beyond Band-Aid solutions (like my regular use of common pain killers that were further harming my liver), and I was committed to finally figure out how to deal with this problem holistically, hence for good. 

my journey

That brings me to giving you a little insight into my journey:

20 years ago, I left the comfort and familiarity of my life within the borders of the Czech Republic to simply get out there and explore. After the seasons of growing up under communism, graduating from the Pedagogical college, and feeling like I’m always being restricted in all kinds of ways – I felt the urge to experience a true sense of freedom. The plan was to spend only one year abroad, but life has its own way, so I ended up living and starting from scratch in three different countries: England, Ireland, and Canada, with the latter being my base camp since 2009, as I like to call it.

About 15 years into living overseas, and learning how to be an excellent employee (mostly in the hospitality industry), I reached a point where I felt stagnant, as if I stopped growing as a person, and I found myself being stuck in the comfort zone which I created for myself. It really dawned on me that life is too short to spend it living someone else’s dream, and I knew that ignoring my heart’s calling (because of my limiting stories, beliefs and fears), would definitely be one of those things that I’d regret on my death bed. And so I jumped into the unfamiliar to do my own thing, just like I did those many years ago, and I started my own business as a holistic nutritionist. Partially, because I’ve always felt passionate about this topic. And partially, because I managed to clear my PMS with this approach and I wanted to share my knowledge with others to help them elevate their health with this powerful tool also.  

Now, I finally feel like the CEO of my own life and I looove what I do! I’m crystal clear on the important and non-negotiable, and I strive to make daily course corrections to make sure that I live in line with my deepest desires and values. As a woman, sister, daughter, niece, soul-mate…, I make it my daily business to proactively keep my physical, emotional, and spiritual tanks topped up, so that I can keep showing up as my best self and be there for those I care about the most. As a holistic nutritionist, I make it my daily business to help adventurous souls improve their nutrition and overall health, so they can keep in motion and be able to chase their dreams with as little physical and mental restrictions as possible.

I make it my daily business to help you embrace the proactive approach to holistic nutrition for the sake of your health and happiness.


What is holistic nutrition?

We, holistic nutritionists, believe that we all differ nutritionally, therefore each person has their unique biochemical individuality. This means that on our mission to helping our clients address their unique nutritional needs, we look for the interrelationship between all aspects of their well-being: physical, mental, and spiritual. Ultimately, we provide clients with the tools needed to take a preventive and proactive approach to their health, by identifying the source of nutritional deficiencies and outside factors affecting their wellness, so that we can help them pursue optimal health at all levels of their being. 

Where did you earn your designation?

I studied the Natural Nutrition Program at one of the first and leading holistic nutrition schools: the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. As a CSNN graduate, I am qualified to provide individualized holistic recommendations of quality whole foods, lifestyle changes, and supplements to my clients. 

Why do you do what you do?

I practice healthy eating and do what I can to take care of my whole self because I want to live a joyful life – being able to move, think and learn for as long as possible, while keeping pain and suffering at bay. That’s why health is on top of my list of values because it gives me the means and freedom to live my life fully. I don’t think that we are any use to anyone if we don’t feel good. I also see it as my responsibility to be proactive about my health. Ultimately, it’s important to me that I show up as my best self for my family, friends and clients, and I think that being a living example of what I preach is the best way to make the positive difference in people’s lives that I dream of.

What does it mean to eat healthy?

I’m glad you ask! As Holistic Nutritionists, we believe that eating live (still contain their live enzymes), natural (minimally processed and as close to their natural state as possible), and good quality foods (grown in soil rich in essential nutrients) are the key fundamentals of healthy eating. In other words, we put emphasis on high-quality and nutrient-density of the foods that we eat and recommend to our clients, because we believe that these factors affect the degree of well-being experienced. From there, we show clients how to practically incorporate wholesome foods into their daily lives and how to eat smart most of the time, so they can set themselves up for improving and sustaining their health for the long haul. 

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