I’m Eva…the Holistic Nutritionist behind Epic Life Holistic Consulting. Feel free to discover what this place is all about.  



I serve English, Czech, and Slovak speakers around the globe, adults from all walks of life, who seek natural nutritional solutions that promote health, vitality, and longevity.

My clients are at the point of their lives where they are no longer willing to overlook themselves, because they recognize, that how they feel, carries into everything they do. Many of them have a firsthand experience about how the state of their physical health can negatively affect other dimensions of their wellness (mental, emotional, social, vocational, financial, and spiritual) – because they are all interconnected. This heightened awareness drives their deep desire to commit to focusing on what matters the most – their health and wellbeing – because they know that their bright future depends on them being well and healthy NOW. The popular saying Health Is Wealth is not a cliché to them, and because they deeply resonate with its truth, they use this personal motto as a powerful source of inspiration on their journey to transformation. It reminds them of why dissolving their self-defeating eating habits is worth the time and effort, and it helps to feed their willingness to do that, which is for their highest good. 

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Are you at the point of your life, where you feel compelled to elevate your nutrition, so that you can elevate your health – hence the quality of your life? If so, then I invite you to discover how I can help you do just that!



Eva Evelina

Using my holistic nutrition savvy and psycho-spiritual point of view, I help people like YOU, find and unapologetically follow – your own nutritional mojo for health empowerment. 

I vibe with the idea that: That Which We Focus Upon Expands. That’s why I choose to focus on solutions rather than problems, including that which is for my highest good and the good of everyone concerned, including that which makes me feel energized, peaceful, joyful, empowered, and authentically free. In other words, I’m committed to treating my whole self / body-mind-spirit / in healthy ways, and I use Holistic Nutrition as my vehicle of choice to help me manifest my health and wellness dreams. This naturally carries into everything I do, including my professional life – and the holistic nutrition services that I offer to Eager Beavers like yourself! 


Eager to learn more? Just review the info below and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just send me an email via my contact form, and I’ll happily clarify any additional questions that you might have.

As a holistic nutritionist, I work from the perspective that we all differ nutritionally. This means that I help my clients to uncover and address their unique nutritional needs. In addition, I look for the interrelationship of mind, body and spirit so that I can help you create and execute an effective, custom wellbeing strategy, with this 360° approach that will last your entire joyful life. 

I studied the Natural Nutrition Program at one of the first and leading holistic nutrition schools: the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. As a CSNN graduate, I am qualified to provide individualized holistic recommendations of quality whole foods, lifestyle changes, and supplements to my clients. 

It all started with me falling in love with the Muscle & Fitness World (and Cory Everson!) in my early teens, which naturally led to taking my interest in nutrition to the next level when I reached the major turning point. It was 2013 when I returned from India and Nepal, where I travelled for several months for yoga, charity, and spiritual reasons. I started this thrilling, and at times scary journey strong, but I came back in a pretty rough shape – mostly because of my sloppy nutrition during that time (due to my persistent fear of getting food poisoning). Ouch!

Long story short, after returning to my base camp in Canada, I decided to go deep and deal with the repercussions of my past and poor eating actions. I specifically intended to break free from the excruciating PMS that kept lingering, and so on my mission to helping myself, I discovered the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, which lead me to enroll in their signature program, and here I am! Thanks to my personal success in clearing my PMS, I now teach holistic nutrition to adults – who also want to empower their health with this wonderful approach – that has become a way of life for me. ☺ 

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I put a lot of emphasis on nutritionally powerful, high-quality foods – because I believe that these factors affect the degree of well-being experienced. I also feel that who’s eating matters – because what works for me, may not work for you, and that’s ok. I help you figure out what healthy means for YOU based on your unique situation, so that you feel confident in your ability to make the most wholesome dietary decisions for yourself. 

Currently, my Holistic Nutrition Services include online consultations only – via Zoom or Skype. You may also like to know that I work from the Pacific Standard Time zone (PST). ☺

Your insurance provider may cover Certified or Registered Holistic Nutritionists under extended plans, wellness plans, and/or health benefits. If you’re not sure, then I’d suggest that you speak directly to your insurance provider or employer to clarify. The insurance companies that are more likely to provide coverage include:

  • iA Financial Group
  • Blue Cross Alberta
  • ClaimSecure
  • Co-operators Insurance-Large Group Policies
  • Great-West Life – depending on the individual plan
  • Greenshield Canada
  • Manulife
  • RWAM Insurance Administrators Inc.
  • Sun Life now offers some employers a Personal Spending Account within which Nutrition Counselling is covered
  • TD Canada – Flex Benefits

PS: If you find out that your health benefits plan doesn’t cover holistic nutrition services (nutrition or nutritional counseling), then you can ask your employer to consider adding the service of a Certified/Registered Holistic Nutritionist to an existing policy. You might be pleasantly surprised. ☺