I see you

You’re health-conscious, resourceful, and someone who has the foresight to learn how to eat smart before trying to make a baby.

You’re on a mission to make healthy eating changes, and you resonate with natural solutions.

You feel ready to take positive action, but you’re also feeling confused and overwhelmed with the information overload about healthy eating.

You wonder: should you go on keto, low fat, high carb, paleo, or raw? You feel so lost! You’re feeling like you have no clue what to eat and you find that it’s really hard to know what to believe, especially when consulting the internet! 


Ahoy, I'm Eva.

I’m the Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ behind Epicholistic.com – the place where I passionately help people adopt a healthy eating lifestyle, so they can boost their odds of having a healthy family.   

My clients feel uneasy about their health and they’re determined to make healthy eating changes, but they just don’t know how or where to begin.

I provide the custom guidance they need to take control of their eating habits, weight, and hormones, so they can get in a healthy shape before trying to conceive.    

My Journey

If you told me 20 years ago that I’d be teaching people about holistic nutrition and how to eat healthy, I’d have shaken my head in disbelief, and go back to my bodybuilding endeavours before you’d say “strawberry cake!”

Little did I know that my family background and the years of living abroad would set me on the path of becoming a holistic nutritionist.         

My story goes all the way back to the day I was born. I was lucky to start off with nourishing breastmilk, followed by nutritious meals made at home with love. See, I was raised under communism in former Czechoslovakia, which put a cap on what we could buy or eat. As a result, people learned to cook from scratch, preserve their food, and make the most out of the limited local ingredients that were available at that time. This situation actually helped me (and other children) to eat good food at home right off the bat.

My eating went south when I went abroad.

I started to drift away from my original way of eating shortly after graduating from the Pedagogical college. After working in my field for a while in my early 20s, I decided to quit my job as a preschool teacher, and go abroad to study English. My host family, where I worked as an au pair, didn’t cook so I ended up eating frozen foods, white rice, white bread, peanut butter and jam for about a year. Ouchhh!

After getting the English language under my belt, I decided to relocate to Ireland to rev-up my career. Eventually, I landed a dream job for the Hilton Group Ireland in Dublin, where I climbed the Human Resources ladder for half a decade. In the meantime, I tried to balance my sedentary work with my gym membership and keep control of my eating, but what looked good on the outside didn’t feel the same on the inside.

Moving On. Again!

The 2008 recession made everyone reevaluate their lives, including me. I found myself feeling stagnant and stuck inside of my own comfort zone. I felt like I stopped moving forward in my life and growing as a human being, and as if I lost a part of myself in the crowd.

I slipped into the habit of spending weekends in the office and grabbing sweet treats on my way to and from work to help me avoid feeling the uncomfortable sensation of fear. On one hand, I was desperate to find a way out of the daily sameness of my life, and on the other hand, I held myself back from changing my situation. 

Eventually, I got honest about my feelings and chose to have faith in my intuition. Letting go of everything that I built over the years was a hard decision to make, but deep down I knew that my Irish season came to its end. And so I handed in my resignation with butterflies in my stomach and went ahead to start a new life in a different country, for the third time!

I’m glad that I listened to that inner voice and went to Canada.

Within a few days of arriving in Whistler in 2009, I got a job to run a local hostel for a full salary and free accommodation. Yes, please! After a few months of working there, my employer offered to help me become a permanent resident, so I could continue to work for him. Honestly, my plan was to spend only a year in Canada, but my inner voice made me agree.

At the beginning, I felt only the positive effects of living in a transient, busy ski resort. I joined the Whistler yoga crowd, I started to rock climb again, I improved my skiing, and I quit taking the pill after a decade of being on it!   

Three years rolled over and I found myself burnt out from working and living in the hostel 24/7. 

How did that happen?

When calls the heart

So there I was, I spent the past decade chasing my work, study, and travel dreams, starting from scratch in three different countries, and I still couldn’t see clearly how I wanted to go about my future.       

As soon as my immigration papers got sorted and I was free to travel outside of Canada again, I went to the south of India to find my life’s purpose! 

I moved around doing charity work, repurposing my teaching skills, and continuing my yoga practice in ashrams after gaining my yoga teaching certification. I continued my solo travel in Nepal, hiking in the mountains, and spending some time in a monastery learning about Buddhism and doing silent meditations. 

About 5 months into my purpose-searching journey, I got the news to go back to Canada to solidify my permanent residency status. I took a detour through the Czech Republic to see my folks, but as soon as I arrived home, my body gave up on me. 

I found myself weak, malnourished, and totally exhausted from the past months on the road. My fear of getting food poisoning while travelling cut my nutrition down to bananas, papayas, rice pancakes, jam and sugary chai tea. As a result, I had to deal with the repercussions of developing nutrient deficiencies because of my poor eating.     

My hair was falling out, my skin was breaking out, and I was experiencing the worst PMS pain of my life. I ended up taking a full month of layover in Czech so I could rest, refuel and revitalize.

Crisp Clarity

The moment I put my feet on Canadian soil for the second time in 2013, things really started to fall into place. Within a week of being back, I met my man hitchhiking on the Vancouver-Whistler highway! I took a fun summer job as a cook for a local rafting company, which prompted me to go back to my original way of eating, that served me so well in the past.   

I was still dealing with my skin and hormonal issues, and so I kept looking into all kinds of solutions to help me resolve it. I leaned harder into whole foods and I looked to raise my awareness about nutrition, cleansing practices, fasting, alternative medicine, green cosmetics, and herbal remedies.

On my mission to help myself, I discovered the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and their signature program. While browsing through the curriculum, I finally discovered what’s been missing in my life. I realized that I’ve been looking to do meaningful work that makes a positive difference in the world. The kind of work that makes people’s lives healthier and happier.     

This epiphany led to making the choice to become a holistic nutritionist so I could help people eat healthy for life. I felt passionate about this profession, and I chose the CSNN program because I deeply resonated with its teachings. Better yet, it was very much aligned with the eating approach I knew from home.  

To act on my inner calling, I went back to school, did the program while working a stable job in property management, followed by founding EPICHOLISTIC.COM to run my own business and practice my profession as a holistic nutritionist. 

Coming full circle

My personal journey helped me realize that our family and environment greatly impact our health, and drive our choices and tendencies. By going back to my roots and embracing the holistic approach to nutrition, I’ve learned to attend to my body, mind and spirit, so my whole self can thrive from the inside out.

I do believe that the healthy eating foundation my parents set under my feet made me more resilient and able to cope with my health challenges. I see it as one of the greatest gifts I could have ever received, and I’m so grateful for the healthy eating example my family set for me.  

Found My Purpose

Today, I have the confidence in my ability to make nourishing choices for myself and my family, so we can proactively prevent disease and be healthy.  

I know how to role model healthy eating and how to stick with it long term.

As a holistic nutrition professional, I’m passionate about working with people who want to get their body nourished before starting a family. 

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