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What Vitamins Does My body Need?

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How to Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Make it Happen with My 5-Strategy-Plan despite being busy

How to Eat Out Healthy?

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Ahoy! I’m Eva. I’m a Holistic Nutrition Professional who loves getting right into your dietary business. 😉 

I work with people who’re finally serious about losing weight naturally, meaning, without calorie counting, dieting, or living on a treadmill. They’re feeling confused and frustrated about so much conflicting information about healthy eating & weight loss tips that they have no clue what to eat. High carb? Low fat? Keto? Paleo? Raw? They’re so lost!

I take them by the hand and explain precisely what to include in their healthy-weight-loss meal plan, how to stick to it, and what not to eat, so they’re shredding it, and keeping it off for LIFE. Yes!

Asking Yourself: "How Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise?"

Lose Weight Without Exercise On A Busy Schedule: 5-Strategy-Plan