Wondering how to switch to healthy eating, lifestyle and the concrete steps that you can take to break bad eating habits for good?

How To Switch To Healthy Eating

Nutrition & Self-Care Tips

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Here, you’ll find tips on how to switch to healthy eating, optimize your day-to-day diet, break poor eating habits and more! Remember, it’s not all or nothing. Small, consistent actions lead to big changes so check this page frequently to get concrete action steps that will help you get your diet and self-care back on track. Enjoy! 

Struggling to break free from sugar cravings?

This to-the-point video will set you up for success and help you fight your sugar cravings fast.


Learn how to eat for brain power!

Discover what foods are best for your brain health and which foods you may want to avoid. In addition, get the sample meal plan and a few lifestyle tips to keep your brain happy and to enhance your mental wellbeing overall.

Wondering how you can stay healthy when working at a desk for the majority of your day?

Then this post is for you, my friend!  Watch or read to discover the top 5 self care habits that will help you stay healthy, nourished and hopefully, pain free! 

Sadly, many conventional peanut butters are far from nourishing and clean.

This could be problematic for those of you who frequently consume this popular food in one way or another (ex. the famous PB&J sandwich).

This post will open your eyes to the top 5 peanut butter risks so that you can make healthier choices for yourself and your family moving forward.  

Many people use low calorie products for weight loss reasons without looking at both sides of the coin.

The main purpose of this post is to raise your awareness about Splenda dangers and the top 6 concerns, which are worth considering when choosing products containing the zero calorie sweetener sucralose. 

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Lose Weight Without Exercise!

The secret to losing weight without exercise on a busy schedule isn’t a secret. It’s a sustainable 5-Step-Strategy that will help you lose weight and keep it off through healthy eating habits that you'll build. Are you ready to get shredded this fall?