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self-care & healthy eating strategies

for online business owners & entrepreneurs

Do You Qualify?

If you recognize yourself in most of the following statements, then I (the wellness GPS in a human form) may just be the one thing you need in your life right now. Here we go!


  • Struggle to eat healthy consistently.
  • Munch on comfort foods late at night.
  • Forget to eat for the love of your business.
  • Go hours without hydrating yourself properly.
  • Are NOT pleased with what you see in the mirror.
  • Feel drained, sleep deprived, edgy & out of balance.
  • Rely on caffeine and sugary foods to keep you going.
  • Struggle to relax and unwind after working long hours.
Sounds familiar? Then scroll down to learn how I can help you switch to a healthier lifestyle, and teach you how to create & execute healthy eating strategies that work for you, and YOU alone. 
Self Care Strategies for LIFE, Eva-Registered Holistic Nutritionist

What I Do:

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™, self-care advocate and entrepreneur, I’m dedicated to helping problem aware business owners to get their diet back on track & proactively self-care so that you can thrive in business, personal life and have a positive impact without sacrificing your health or relationships.

In other words, I help you to:

  • Prevent burnout
  • Maximize productivity
  • Eat healthy consistently
  • Lose weight & keep it off
  • Destroy bad eating habits
  • Boost energy levels and focus
  • Get cravings for junk foods in check
  • Reduce stress and build stress resilience
  • Build a self care routine that fits your lifestyle
Holistic Nutritionist Helping Online Business Owners To Execute Healthy Eating Strategies

I used to think that eating healthy was too hard until I decided to make a change and improve my diet and lifestyle. My initial goal was to lose weight, which I easily achieved with Eva’s guidance and food recommendations. She helped me to organize my fridge & pantry and taught me how to confidently make healthy meal plans for myself. Since working with Eva, my overall health condition improved: I can move faster, sleep better, I don’t get tired and the best part is: I like what I see in the mirror now. She made it easy for me, regularly followed up and I always felt comfortable to contact her with any questions.
Aldo Angeles
Owner of Whistler Angel Clean
I had no idea how coaching works but I reached out to her to help me lose belly fat that I gained after an injury. I didn’t expect that we will go this deep into my diet, lifestyle and daily habits, but I’m glad that I invested in myself. Throughout the 6 weeks of working with Eva, my waistline was consistently shrinking, my sleep improved, and to my surprise, my irritability & "hangriness” went away. She helped me to set up a system that works for my demanding job and schedule, and my wife jumped on board too! I appreciated that Eva never pushed me into anything but rather guided me to make my own decisions, and helped me see options where I thought weren’t any. It felt really good to talk to her every week about my progress, and have someone who would answer my questions whenever I needed it. Eva is so easy to work with, but I warn you, she’s high energy and will keep you on your toes every step of the way!
Mara Holotina
Professional Chef, Whistler
She has an uncanny ability to cut to the heart of any matter and then deliver pertinent and knowledgeable information to those searching for answers. Before doing a complete overhaul, with Eva as my guide, I thought my slowly deteriorating health had to do with age. But after implementing Eva's suggestions I re-discovered the energy and sense of well being I had many years ago. Nutrition is the culprit, not age...and nutrition is something we all have control of. Let Eva take you on that journey. You won't be sorry!
- Sharon Velisek, author of "I Survived A Stalker" and "20/20: Perfect Vision" (soon to be published)

We’re A Perfect Match If You’re:

  • Confused about the overwhelming amount of contradicting dietary recommendations, dos & dont's. 
  • Aware that neglecting your self-care is sabotaging your ability to fully thrive in life and business. 
  • Determined to make a healthy change, but you don’t know where to begin to move forward. 
  • Committed to building an effective self-care system that sets you up for long term success. 
  • Fed up with being stuck in the vicious cycle of dieting and ready to snap out of it for good! 
  • Excited to become the fittest, most productive and healthiest version of yourself!

I’m Not Your Gal If You:

Want a quick fix solution. Turning things around towards better is not a speedy ride. It took you numerous repetitions to develop poor eating & lifestyle habits, and it will take consistent effort to get back on the wagon. If you’re not ready to commit, show up, and embrace the process, then the time to work together isn’t right. I can support you every step of the way, give you all the tools and strategies – BUT – it’s you who needs to do the work for yourself. Making sustainable changes takes time, and I don’t have the magic pill that can transform your life, and get you the results that you’re after overnight.    

how 4-week coaching package works

executing custom self-care & healthy eating strategies

Before we start a partnership journey together, I’ll ask you to redeem your complimentary 45-min nutrition coaching session so that we can tap into your health and lifestyle related realities, struggles and goals. This meeting alone will give you a clear sense of what working with me looks like and both of us will know exactly how well we resonate with each other. If we do, then I’ll invite you to sign up for my introductory 4-week coaching package to help you get the results that you’re after. I’ll answer any of your questions and if you choose to work with me, I’ll explain how you can purchase my intro package. Once I receive the full payment of $839 CAD, I’ll email you a couple of intake forms so that I can detect your dietary deficiencies, imbalances and assess your overall nutritional status before your initial coaching session. 

After I assess your intake forms, we’ll proceed with your initial 90-min coaching session (via Zoom or Skype). During the meeting, I’ll share your results and dive deeper into your current eating habits, lifestyle, schedule, medical history, and any self-care related challenges that you’ve been experiencing.  At the end of the session, I’ll share my first dietary and lifestyle recommendations and explain what you need to work on in the following week. IN ADDITION: I’ll be setting you up for success with customized handouts, such as tailored meal plans, checklists, cheat sheets and other valuable resources during the 4-week coaching period. 

The following 3 sessions will take place once a week via Zoom or Skype for 45 minutes each. During these subsequent coaching sessions, we’ll review and measure your progress, celebrate your wins, and discuss any challenges/obstacles that may have come up. We will set new action steps, fine tune your healthy eating strategies, create new meal plans and I’ll answer any of your questions in real time. REMEMBER: I offer an unlimited email support during those 4 weeks to help you stay motivated, focused, and accountable.

Lose Weight Without Exercise!

The secret to losing weight without exercise on a busy schedule isn’t a secret. It’s a sustainable 5-Step-Strategy that will help you lose weight and keep it off through healthy eating habits that you'll build. Are you ready to get shredded this fall?