Healthy Holistic Tip No.5

Alfalfa Sprouts

Introducing The Father of All Foods!

We’re talking about alfalfa – one of the most nutritionally rich foods, and which has earned such a big name because of its massive root system reaching 30 feet deep into the ground to pull up deeply buried minerals and trace minerals unavailable to common vegetable.

Watch the short video to discover why I grow my own alfalfa sprouts and why I’d encourage you to boost your diet with this powerful food.

PS: Eager Beavers may enjoy the following additional information:


  • Buy only sprouts kept at refrigerator temperature.
  • Choose crisp-looking sprouts.
  • Avoid dark or slimy-looking sprouts.
  • Check the sell-by date printed on the container.
  • Rinse sprouts thoroughly before use.


  • Consume fresh, raw alfalfa sprouts within a week, store in a tightly sealed jar in the fridge.


  • Add alfalfa sprouts to your burgers on sourdough bread.
  • Add alfalfa sprouts to your smoothies.
  • Add alfalfa sprouts to any sandwich.
  • Top any cold summer soup with a generous handful of alfalfa sprouts.


  • While alfalfa leaf is medicinal for autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis and lupus), its sprouts and seeds are not because they contain the amino acid canavanine, which can worsen inflammatory conditions.

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I can’t wait to find out how you've decided to bring alfalfa to the kitchen! 

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