Healthy Holistic Tip No.7


Let’s bring more of this humble vegetable into our lives!

Watch the short video to discover why I eat celery regularly, and why I’d encourage you to eat this versatile food more often. 

PS: Eager Beavers may enjoy the following additional information:


  • Conventional celery is heavily sprayed with pesticides so choose organic as much as you can to minimize your dietary exposure to these toxic chemicals.
  • Choose firm, tightly formed bunches with crisp leaves. 
  • Look for light green, fresh looking celery bunches.


  • Store celery in a plastic bag in the fridge or wash & dry & cut up into sticks and store in a tightly sealed food container.
  • Avoid freezing celery to prevent wilting, unless you plan to use it in the future in cooked recipes.
  • Unwashed celery stored in a plastic bag in the crisper compartment will keep up to 2 weeks.


  • Juice fresh celery and enjoy on an empty stomach upon rising or after working out as an electrolyte replacement drink.
  • Enjoy celery with nut butters, dips and spreads.
  • Add celery to healthy stir-fried, soups and salads.
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I can’t wait to find out how you've decided to bring celery to the kitchen! 

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