Looking for healthy snack and meal prep ideas, and/or healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

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Here, you’ll find healthy recipes and simple snack ideas to help you kick-start your journey towards healthy eating. As you’ll notice, most of the recipes are plant-based. This is not because I follow a particular food-belief system. Instead, my goal is to encourage you to incorporate more fruits & veggies into your diet so that you can supply your body with beneficial plant chemicals that help us to stay hydrated, nourished and healthy. Remember, switching to real-clean-healthy eating is a process so take it one healthy-meal-idea at a time. You can start with breakfast recipes and move on to lunches a few weeks later. Whatever order you choose, just stay consistent and don’t forget to have fun! 

Healthy Meal & Snack Ideas

Kick-start Your Journey Towards Healthy Eating

Lose Weight Without Exercise!

The secret to losing weight without exercise on a busy schedule isn’t a secret. It’s a sustainable 5-Step-Strategy that will help you lose weight and keep it off through healthy eating habits that you'll build. Are you ready to get shredded this fall?