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Your journey towards holistic nutrition starts here.

Holistic Nutrition 101 with Eva of EPICHOLISTIC_DOT_COM

is this you?

You want to eat healthy. Perhaps, you’ve come to realize that your weight is holding you back from trying new things and doing fun activities with friends and family. Maybe, you want to eat well because you’re done living with fatigue, brain fog, and a number of other discomforts and ailments. Possibly, you might have re-evaluated your lifestyle because someone close to you passed away. Or your blood-work isn’t looking so great and your doctor asks that you start making healthy eating changes, or, you might end up developing diabetes, heart disease, or God forbid, worse.

Holistic Nutrition 101 with Eva of EPICHOLISTIC_DOT_COM

You can see people’s health declining from eating unhealthy foods, being sedentary, and dealing with health issues that scare the crap out of you. You’re already feeling uneasy about your own health and all of this just adds an extra layer of urgency for you to get your eating act together. But you’re struggling with motivation, follow through, and figuring out how or where to begin.

Holistic Nutrition 101 with Eva of EPICHOLISTIC_DOT_COM

The last thing you want to hear is someone telling you to eat more fruits and veggies, cut back on junk foods, or eat less and exercise more. You already know all of this (it also feels easier said than done)! On top of that, as you consult the internet for healthy eating dos-and-don’ts, you come across conflicting advice advocating clean eating  / raw / keto / paleo / low-carb…awhhh, it’s all so confusing! So basically, you’re left feeling frustrated, stuck, and clueless about how to feed yourself.

If only healthy eating didn't have to be so hard and complicated!

Holistic Nutrition 101 with Eva of EPICHOLISTIC_DOT_COM

Imagine feeling happy, and excited

about your new healthy eating path that feels good and works for you. You’ve risen above the dietary noise and got crystal clear about what it means to eat healthy. You have a roadmap that helps you to stay on the right track from morning to evening, and which is actually tailored to your unique nutritional needs. Not just some cookie cutter template!

Holistic Nutrition 101 with Eva of EPICHOLISTIC_DOT_COM

You know exactly how to make healthy eating happen in your day to day life, and you feel confident that you can keep it going for the long haul. As you’re making small eating changes one step at a time and taking control of what you eat, you’re noticing that food cravings are losing their grip on you, the waist is shrinking, you feel better inside your own skin, clear headed, and more energetic to go about your daily business. All of this gives you the motivation to continue to add more healthy choices so you can give yourself the best chance of living your healthiest life.

Ahoy! I'm Eva.

I’m a holistic nutritionist who works with health-conscious, open-minded people who want to figure out how to eat healthy in their daily lives, so they can feel and look their best.

The main problem is they aren’t making positive changes, because they’re confused about the overwhelming healthy eating dos-and-don’ts, and they’re tired of trying trendy diets that give them only short-term results.  

Through Holistic Nutrition 101, they get the clarity and personalized guidance they need to get started on the path to making healthy eating a lifelong habit, so they can create the body, health, and life they deserve. 

Introducing Holistic Nutrition 101

After completing Holistic Nutrition 101, you'll:

Receive a personalized healthy eating plan so that you can move forward with making healthy eating changes more consistently. 

Rise above the nutritional noise so you can start making confident food choices from a place of clarity and understanding.

Identify your current nutritional deficiencies so you can start addressing your unique nutritional needs and restore balance in the body.

Learn how to keep your healthy eating efforts consistent in your day-to-day life and how to get back on track easily when you fall off the wagon.

Gain momentum necessary for reaching the health and weight results that you desire.

Holistic Nutrition 101 includes:


Before we talk, you’ll complete a Nutritional Assessment so we can identify your current nutritional status. With this information in hand, we’ll be able to create your individual healthy eating plan that addresses your unique nutritional needs, so that you can start feeding yourself in a way that gives your body what it needs to truly thrive.


We’ll spend 90 minutes together on a video call, identifying your nutritional deficiencies and discussing the steps that you’ll need to take to correct them. You’ll receive your personalized healthy eating plan, which will be based on your nutritional assessment results. It will include: a list of foods to eat and to avoid, a 7-day meal plan, and recipe resources so you can start making positive dietary changes in those areas that need it the most. You’ll leave the session feeling crystal clear about what you need to do to take control of your eating so you can start moving towards your health goals. 


Over the next 2 weeks, you’ll focus on implementing all of the dietary recommendations listed in your personalized healthy eating plan. You’ll practice your meal plan and track your progress so you can discover the power of being prepared, and approaching your eating with a strategy that’s aligned with your unique nutritional needs and health goals. Ultimately, with all of the tools and resources listed in your personalized healthy eating plan, you’ll be on the right path towards making healthy eating a lifelong habit.    


Two weeks after your Holistic Nutrition 101 session, you’ll have experienced some of the amazing benefits of eating healthy consistently. During this 30 minutes video call, you’ll report on your healthy eating endeavours from the past 14 days so we can review and celebrate your progress. You’ll reflect on your insights regarding any roadblocks that you may have encountered, so I can help you troubleshoot and offer alternative options. You’ll leave the session feeling pumped up, motivated, and confident in your ability to keep practicing your healthy eating plan on your own.   

Holistic Nutrition 101 with Eva of EPICHOLISTIC_DOT_COM

Just like that, you’re on your way to healthy eating because you have a customized healthy eating plan to guide you on your path to creating the body, health, and life you deserve.


99 CAD

Let’s get you on the path towards healthy eating! 

Step 1.

Click the BUY NOW button to make your payment via the Stripe payment processing pop up window. 

Step 2.

Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your prep work and instructions for booking your session. 

Step 3.

Then we’ll hold your session to get you started on your journey to becoming a healthier, more nourished you. Yes!  


If you have any questions at all!