Holistic Nutrition 101

The sooner you learn how to nourish yourself with real foods, the sooner you can shift from feeling sick and tired to enjoying your precious life again! 

If you’re feeling uneasy about the current state of your health and body, then taking a quantum leap in your diet is an absolute must!

This applies, especially, if you:

  • Cannot explain what ingredients your foods are made of.
  • Don’t understand if these ingredients are good or bad for you and why.
  • Rely mostly on packaged foods that come with nutrition facts labels and ingredient lists.
  • Don’t eat natural, minimally processed, whole foods at least 80% of the time. 

What you put into your mouth,

every single day has a direct correlation with your energy levels, mood, complexion, digestion, as well as your ability to fight diseases. In other words, what you eat is essential to your overall health. 

You may know this theoretically,

but chances are that you’ve never experienced firsthand what taking 100% control of your diet can do for your physical and mental health. For if you did, you wouldn’t be here, which is exactly where Holistic Nutrition 101 comes to the rescue!

holistic nutrition


What is Holistic Nutrition 101?

Holistic Nutrition 101 is a 6-week nutrition coaching package that brings you on the journey to taking charge of what you eat in your everyday life because as you might already know, you are what you eat!

What can Holistic Nutrition 101 do for me?

Regardless of your specific health-related issue, the same fundamental rule applies – a nourishing diet is essential for a healthy body and mind. That’s why it’s always relevant to address any room for improvement within the eating department because what you eat intimately impacts your being in various ways – energetically, sexually, mentally, physically as well as emotionally. So while Holistic Nutrition 101 can help with specific issues like overweight, chronic fatigue, allergies, IBS, PMS, blood sugar imbalances, cravings, low thyroid and more – ultimately – it teaches you how to regain and sustain your vitality and wellbeing with natural, wholesome, nourishing foods. 

Why does it take 6 weeks and not less?

Because this is about making a lasting change. Holistic Nutrition 101 is not a hot-today-gone-tomorrow solution, but a journey that takes you from being a convenient food consumer to becoming a chronic real food eater! And this change won’t happen overnight because if it were that easy, you would have helped yourself already, and healthy eating professionals like me wouldn’t exist. [FUN]

What exactly is included in the package?

Lots of good stuff that will move the needle for you in your diet. I mean, provided you commit, make it your top priority, and get the work done as per my guidance. That’s really important because I can’t do the heavy lifting for you but I can guide you to becoming your personal best. Let’s now see what that would look like. 

Holistic Nutrition 101 includes:

The Current Reality

As the title suggests, you’ll share the details with me about your current food-related reality, which includes your daily food choices, habits, and behaviors so that I can get a clear picture of where you’re at. This will be done via an online questionnaire which I’ll email to you after your payment and before your first virtual session with me. You’ll have at least 3 days to complete all of the questions so that you have enough time to reflect on your current diet as honestly as you possibly can.

Creating Your New Reality

After I receive the above information, we’ll focus on creating your new reality! A reality where nourishing foods dominate your plate, fridge and pantry - and - empowering food and beverage rituals and habits frame your day. We’ll take 5 weeks to focus on doing this amazing work together, with one online session per week, and numerous positive actions in between. We’ll reflect on your progress every week, set new action items for you depending on what you need, get your burning questions answered, and tweak your personalized strategies as necessary. Most importantly, I’ll keep you moving forward throughout the week with my accountability love. [FUN] To sum up, you’ll get 5 private sessions with me in total (up to 75 min each), and these will take place online via Zoom.

Personalized Resources

By the time we’re done, we will have developed an individualized and sustainable healthy eating routine that you’ll be able to confidently practice from dusk to dawn without needing to hold my hand. In other words, you’ll have your personal toolbox packed with meal plans, recipes, cheat sheets, and personalized strategies that will help you feed yourself properly for the sake of your health. Ultimately, you'll feel empowered and confident in your ability to make nourishing food and beverage choices consistently in your daily life.

Follow Up

At this 5th consultation, we'll meet for the last time online to follow up on your progress so that I can help you troubleshoot, polish and tweak anything that you may need, to ensure that you keep improving and enjoying the healthy eating process.

Support | Accountability

During the time of us working together, you’ll be able to ask me any questions (at any time) outside of your weekly consultations. I am always ready to support you, but you can expect to receive some of my tough love too! All of this for the sake of keeping YOU moving forward with focus, motivation and excitement.


One-time payment of 747 CAD

client love

" Prior to meeting Eva, I felt lost, confused and overwhelmed with so many resources and opinions on my diagnosis. I felt even hopeless at times and I wasn’t sure if it’s even possible to feel better. That’s when I decided to contact Eva because I was looking for help outside the traditional approach. Not only did we completely change and improve my eating routine but I also got rid of the bad habits, including eating chocolate every day! Now, I definitely feel more confident and empowered when it comes to making healthy choices. I also appreciated the way Eva worked with me: her listening skills are incredible, and she always tried to make it all work, not just for me, but my whole family too. I now have more energy for my kids and I can also see progress when working out! Eva showed me that it’s never too late to make things better and she’s a real example of how your health is in your hands. I truly believe that she can help anyone, with any needs, at any age. Her knowledge is huge as she’s so positive and inspiring. Thank you so much, Eva! Please keep up the great work, and I can't wait for our future cooperation!"
Barbora Piatkova Vaneckova
Professional Mom
" It took a health scare to prompt me to contact Eva for help. Before that, I “thought” I was eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. I thought I was on a good track, but when the dizziness and heart flutters started I knew I had to do something. Eva quickly showed me that what I was doing was maybe only 50% okay, and with a few quick and relatively easy changes I could be on the road to better health. She took my issues seriously and created a tailor-made program that fit into my life, taking into consideration my time, financial situation, and resources. I trusted her from the very beginning, but as her advice started to improve my health quickly, I trusted her even more! She has an uncanny ability to put the whole picture together, and then offer specific help to any individual in a manner that works for them. That is a gift!
"Throughout the time of working with Eva, my waistline was consistently shrinking, my sleep improved, and to my surprise, my irritability & "hangriness” went away. I didn’t expect that we'd go that deep into my diet, lifestyle and daily habits, but I’m glad that I invested in myself. She helped me to set up a system that works for my demanding job and schedule, and my wife jumped on board too! I appreciated that Eva never pushed me into anything but rather guided me to make my own decisions, and helped me to see options where I thought there weren’t any. It felt really good to talk to her every week about my progress, and have someone who would answer my questions whenever I needed it. Eva is so easy to work with. But I warn you! She's high energy and will keep you on your toes every step of the way!"
Mara Holotina
Professional Chef
"I was experiencing long-term discomfort due to the female-related issue, and I felt hopeless because my doctor had no satisfying answer to my questions. In the end, I decided to try a different approach and go the natural way. After my very first call with Eva, I received new perspectives to my questions, which made me realize, that eliminating chemicals from my life and changing my diet was the way to go. And while I hummed and hawed for some time before finally committing to making a major change, eventually, I pulled the trigger for the sake of my long-term health and future. Eva created an action plan for me so that I could not only get up in the morning, but also have more energy to go about my days. Long story short, I’m really happy that I decided to make changes because it ultimately helped me to clear my issue that has been bothering me for so long. And now, I wish that Eva could guide me and help me with my choices every day! I love that you do what you do with passion and love, and I'm pleased that I had the chance to get to know you. You ROCK, Eva!"
Petra Dohnalova
"I used to think that eating healthy was too hard until I decided to make a change and improve my diet and lifestyle. My initial goal was to lose weight, which I easily achieved with Eva’s guidance and food recommendations. She helped me to organize my fridge & pantry and taught me how to confidently make healthy meal plans for myself. Since working with Eva, my overall health condition improved: I can move faster, sleep better, I don’t get tired, and the best part is: I like what I see in the mirror now. She made it easy for me, regularly followed up and I always felt comfortable to contact her with any questions."
Aldo Angeles
Small Business Owner

let's do

Ready to get started?

Step 1: Schedule a no-strings-attached call with me to make sure we’re the perfect match before you commit.

Step 2: Once you decide you’re ready, you’ll make your payment so I get the signal to commit too!

Step 3: Within 24 hours of receiving your full payment, I’ll contact you with instructions on your first action step (The Current Reality) and what to expect next.