Homemade Daily Face Wash

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This homemade daily face wash will work for both, men and women. It features Castile soap and facial toner plus citrus essential oils which have degreasing and skin brightening and balancing properties. The only equipment you’ll need to make this simple face wash is a foaming bottle and a regular food/kitchen scale or measuring cups. Go ahead and make this natural, homemade daily face wash for yourself and your family!



homemade daily face wash

Gather all ingredients & equipment:

  • PURE-CASTILE LIQUID SOAP (I like the baby unscented kind).
  • FACIAL TONER (My favorites are the Thayer’s Alcohol-free Rose Petal or Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera).
  • CITRUS ESSENTIAL OILS (I love Lime and Sweet orange).
  • FOAMING BOTTLE (I use 200 ml size)
  • DIGITAL SCALE (or measuring cups).



Now, you’ll fill up your empty foaming bottle with all ingredients in the 1:3 ratio = 1 part Castile soap + 3 parts facial toner. Here’s an example:

  • My particular foaming bottle fits 220 ml of liquid.
  • To create some room for shaking, I’ll base my measurement on 200 ml only.
  • To calculate the 1:3 ratio, I’ll divide 200 ml by 4 = 50 ml = 1 part. 

Here’s what it will look like in practice:

Place your empty foaming bottle on the food/kitchen scale, set the weighting mode to “ml” and pour in 50 ml of Castile soap.

NOTE: If you don’t have a scale, use measuring cups instead.

Then, fill up the rest of the bottle with your facial toner of choice and stop pouring once “200 ml” appears on your scale reader (50 ml of Castile soap + 150 ml of Facial toner). 

homemade daily face wash

Finally, add 1 ml of lime essential oil & 1 ml of sweet orange essential oil to the whole mix (1 ml = cca 20 drops).

homemade daily face wash

Shake it all up and test your homemade face wash to make sure it’s beautifully foamy.

NOTE: Add a bit more of Castile soap if your creation is too liquid. 


With regards to personal care products, I try to focus on natural versions as much as possible to protect myself from exposure to potentially toxic chemicals commonly found in conventional personal care and beauty products. In case you’re interested, click on the “Food for Thought” title above to be redirected to THE DIRTY DOZEN-TOP 12 INGREDIENTS TO AVOID IN COSMETICS.

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