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Reset Eating Habits Before Conception with Eva of

Want to eat healthy before trying to conceive?

Reset Eating Habits has everything you need to start eating smart, so you can be healthy and nourished before trying to make a baby.

Reset Eating Habits Before Conception with Eva of

You spent the last few decades chasing your work and life dreams, but you forgot to take good care of yourself in the meantime. You’re talking seriously about having kids, and you want to do everything you can to get back in shape before it’s time to start trying. 

Your eating hasn’t been as healthy as it could be, and you’re physically uncomfortable in your own skin. You’re feeling drained, tired, little things set you off easily, and you don’t feel so attractive and in the mood for sexy times. You wonder: how are you supposed to make this whole baby-making-thing happen if you’re feeling like crap? 

Instead of being excited about starting a new chapter in your life soon, you feel panicky about the window of opportunity slowly closing down. Is there enough time to get in shape? What are your chances of having a healthy baby? You’re sick to your stomach to just think about it, but you’re determined to change things around and be healthier.  

You think that getting your eating right is a good place to start, but you’re unsure of how you can make sense of the overwhelming amount of dietary dos and don’ts. You wonder: should you go on keto, low fat, high carb, paleo, or raw? You feel so lost! You’re feeling like you have no clue what to eat and you find that it’s really hard to know what to believe, especially when consulting the internet!

With so much confusion out there, you end up taking no positive action, and you’re getting more worried and stressed out.  


“What if making your eating healthier didn’t have to be so hard?”

Imagine someone sitting next to you and telling you exactly how to eat well without going on a diet that will make you feel miserable. You’re getting help with building an action plan that works for you, and you’re ready to stop procrastinating on your health goals and finally start eating better. 

You’re feeling excited about giving yourself a jump-start on becoming a healthier you before trying to conceive. You’re stoked about the healthy eating changes that you’re making, and you feel great about getting your body nourished ahead of time. You’re crystal clear about what to eat and avoid, and you love being in control of what you put into your mouth.

Your friends and family are picking up on your healthy transformation, and it makes you smile when they ask for your tips and tricks. They wonder: how come you can say “NO” to chips and chocolate? How can you ignore the mouth-watering aroma of juicy hotdogs and crispy doughnuts on the street? 

It’s clear to you that you’re heading in the right direction, and you love experiencing the amazing rewards of eating well.

You’re feeling healthier, more energetic, sexier, and really good about taking the steps to help yourself have a healthy baby. You’re experiencing the amazing benefits of sticking with your healthy eating efforts, and you’re confident that you can keep it going. You finally feel like you’re on the right path to becoming a healthier version of yourself.      

How would it feel to:

Have a clear roadmap for getting your body nourished before trying to make a baby.

Know how to eat smart so you can boost your odds of having a healthy family. 

Be confident that you can make healthy food choices in your everyday life. 

Have peace of mind that you’re taking the steps to a healthier lifestyle.    

Know how to role model healthy eating for your children and family. 

Let me help you start creating a healthier reality for yourself!

Reset Eating Habits Before Conception with Eva of

Ahoy! I’m Eva.

I’m a holistic nutritionist that works with people who want to get their body nourished before making a baby.

They feel uneasy about their health and they want to eat right, but it’s hard to take action with the information overload!

I provide the custom guidance they need to take control of their food habits, weight, and hormones, so they can boost their odds of having a healthy family. 

As a result of working with me, You’ll get crystal clear on what to eat and avoid, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed, and start taking healthy action. You’ll know exactly how to eat smart now and into the future, so you can get the body nourished before trying to make a baby. When we’re done, you’ll feel empowered and on the right track towards becoming a healthier you. 


After completing the program, you'll:

Be crystal clear on what to eat and avoid so you can get your body nourished before trying to make a baby. 

Learn how to replace your unhealthy habits with healthier ones so you can boost your odds of having a healthy family.  

Start to grow your confidence to make healthy eating choices in the grocery store, when eating out, or when at work.  

Feel calmer because you’re being proactive about your own health and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Reset Eating Habits includes:


You’ll answer a few questions ahead of time so you can become aware of your food-related behaviours, choices and triggers for unhealthy eating. Reflecting on your current dietary situation will help you see the connection between your eating habits and the way you feel about your body. Acknowledging what holds you back from being in healthy shape empowers you to change your approach, so you can start creating a healthier reality for yourself. 


During this virtual 90-Minute private session, we’ll identify the good – the bad – and the ugly, so there’s no confusion about what you need to improve and why. By knowing exactly where you stand with your eating, you’ll be able to start making positive changes in those areas that need it the most. You’ll know precisely how to start replacing bad eating habits with healthy ones, what to eat and avoid, and how to keep on the right track, so you can be in healthy shape before trying to make a baby.


You’ll receive a Personalized Action Plan with Dietary Guidelines for preconception including foods to eat and avoid, recipe resources, 3-day sample meal plan, so you can jump-start your healthy eating journey. Over the next 2 weeks, you’ll get to follow the recommendations outlined in the plan so you can start to become healthier. You’ll also get my actionable, easy-to-modify tool, so you can keep your healthy eating lifestyle on the right track in your everyday life.  


Two weeks after your Reset Eating Habits Session, you’ll have experienced the amazing effects of sticking with your healthy eating efforts! In this virtual 30-Minute private call, we’ll reflect on your progress so you can boost your motivation and positive focus to keep it going. You’ll leave the session with your questions answered, and with additional recommendations regarding your personalized action plan and dietary guidelines, if you identify any areas that may need tweaking, so the plan continues to work for you.  

Just like that, you’re getting your eating habits under control, confidently making smart food choices, and becoming a more nourished, healthier you before trying to make a baby. Yes!


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Let’s start resetting your eating habits to a healthier you!

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